Our Brand story

YOUTH Phytodermato Advanced Formula® emerged from the close bond between the father-son duo José & Edmond Eisenberg, two passionate innovators who sought to redefine the boundaries of beauty by creating a brand that reflected their shared vision: Joyful beauty that transcends age, generations and genders with superlative skin care that would improve and preserve skin’s health.

A visionary concept: Youth is a State of Mind!

After ten years of extensive research, YOUTH Phytodermato Advanced Formula® was launched in 2021, a beauty brand that combines the best of Clean Beauty with the highest standards in Dermocosmetics.

YOUTH Phytodermato Advanced Formula® is not just a skincare brand; it is a revolution in the beauty industry. It is a convergence of nature, scientific innovation, and a deep-seated respect for our planet. We pride ourselves as a beauty brand that talks to all generations, genders, and ethnicities, with our innovative formulas available at affordable prices.

Made in Switzerland

At the heart of Switzerland's verdant landscapes and stunningly pristine mountains, the founders embarked on a mission to craft an avant-garde genderless beauty brand that respects our planet as much as it cherishes the skin. Our care for the planet is demonstrated not only in the end products or the packaging, but also in every single step that leads up to them through responsible practices. We firmly believe that the nature is not just a source of potent ingredients, but also a stakeholder in our brand’s journey.

YOUTH Phytodermato Advanced Formula® is a testament to scientific innovation and clean beauty that is accessible for all while promoting sustainability.

Plant Stem Cell Technology

The brand’s breakthrough moment came when its dedicated researchers delved into the wonders of plant stem technology. Inspired by the resilience and regenerative properties of plant stem cells, we discovered a new realm of skincare possibilities. We dived into the heart of nature, exploring the power of plant stem cells, extracting their potent benefits, and infusing them into our products. The result is a highly efficient, Clean skincare range that acts as a 3-in-1 skin shield against common aggressors whilst offering extraordinary sensoriality and outstanding performance.

We invite you to be a part of our journey, to experience YOUTH Phytodermato Advanced Formula® – a brand where skincare meets efficacy, innovation and sustainability. Because we believe in a world where beauty is pure, inclusive, and respectful – to our skin, to each other, and to our planet.


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